Luxury and Furnished Apartment in Noida

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Noida, It is a satellite city of Delhi and is part of the National Capital Region of India. Noida was ranked as the Best City in Uttar Pradesh and the Best City in Housing in all of India in “Best City Awards” conducted by ABP News in 2015. Noida replaced Mumbai as the second-best realty destination, according to an analyst report. Roads in Noida are lined by trees and it is considered to be India’s greenest city with nearly 50% green cover, the highest of any city in India. In the last 10 years, Noida has also become a hub for software and mobile app development companies like HCL, Samsung, Barclay’s, Agicent, CSC.

  • ATS Green Village – 3BHK & 4BHK, starting from Rs 30,000/- plus maintenance monthly.
  • Prateek Edifice – 3BHK & 4BHK, starting from Rs 35,000/- plus maintenance monthly.
  • Lotus Panache – 3BHK & 4BHK, starting from Rs 25,000/- plus maintenance monthly.
  • Jaypee Sportcity – 3BHK & 4BHK, starting from Rs 45,000/- plus maintenance monthly.
SpacePlace/CondominiumLocationBedroomAreaFurnishRentalCommon Area Maintenance
ApartmentATS Green VillageNoida Expressway3BHK1500 sqftSemi35,0005,000
ApartmentATS Green VillageNoida Expressway3BHK1500 sqftFully65,0005,000
ApartmentATS Green VillageNoida Expressway3BHK1800 sqftSemi35,0006,000
ApartmentATS Green VillageNoida Expressway3BHK1800 sqftFully65,0006,000
ApartmentJaypee GreensGreater Noida3BHK2625 sqftSemi32,00010,500
ApartmentJaypee GreensGreater Noida3BHK2625 sqftFully67,00010,500
ApartmentJaypee GreensGreater Noida3BHK2654 sqftSemi32,00010,500
ApartmentJaypee GreensGreater Noida4BHK3360 sqftSemi50,00013,500
ApartmentJaypee GreensGreater Noida4BHK3360 sqftFully90,00013,500
ApartmentJaypee GreensGreater Noida4BHK3850 sqftSemi50,00014,000
ApartmentJaypee GreensGreater Noida4BHK3850 sqftFully90,00014,000
ApartmentJaypee GreensGreater Noida4BHK4600 sqftSemi90,00018,500
ApartmentJaypee GreensGreater Noida4BHK4680 sqftSemi80,00018,500
ApartmentPrateek EdificeNoida Expressway3BHK1735 sqftSemi30,0006,000
ApartmentPrateek EdificeNoida Expressway3BHK1735 sqftFully60,0006,000
ApartmentPrateek EdificeNoida Expressway3BHK2070 sqftSemi36,0007,250
ApartmentPrateek EdificeNoida Expressway3BHK2250 sqftSemi42,0008,000
ApartmentPrateek EdificeNoida Expressway3BHK2250 sqftFully72,0008,000
ApartmentPrateek EdificeNoida Expressway3BHK2500 sqftSemi50,0009,000
ApartmentPrateek EdificeNoida Expressway4BHK3300 sqftSemi75,00011,500