Real Estate Investment in Delhi

If seeking for Real Estate Investment consultation for Delhi region, our team of experts would love to assist you with. Our team has the ready availability of regular and pre-leased properties.

The Delhi real estate market boasts of world-class infrastructure and it constantly attracts investments. The realty segment in Delhi is largely end-user driven. The end-users typically comprise businessmen and service class professionals. The Delhi micro-market is witnessing ample redevelopment projects. Independent villas and row houses in Delhi have a strong presence and the concept of builder floors is prevalent.

Important location to invest in Delhi are – Vasant Vihar, Anand Niketan, Defence Colony, Greater Kailash, Chattarpur. Please refer below table and search for detailed information.

Our team has ready inventory available, Please call or leave a message to connect for options.

Builder FloorGreater KailashOkhla3BHK200 sqydSemi 29,000,000
Builder FloorGreater KailashOkhla3BHK250 sqydSemi 35,000,000
Builder FloorGreater KailashOkhla4BHK300 sqydSemi 50,000,000
Builder FloorDefence ColonyCentral Delhi3BHK217 sqydSemi 35,000,000
Builder FloorDefence ColonyCentral Delhi4BHK325 sqydSemi 60,000,000
Builder FloorVasant ViharNear Airport3BHK400 sqydSemi 72,500,000
Builder FloorVasant ViharNear Airport4BHK400 sqydSemi 85,000,000
Builder FloorVasant ViharNear Airport4BHK600 sqydSemi 120,000,000
Builder FloorAnand NiketanNear Airport3BHK250 sqydSemi 50,000,000
Builder FloorAnand NiketanNear Airport4BHK400 sqydSemi 75,000,000
Builder FloorJor BaghCentral Delhi3BHK375 sqydSemi 140,000,000
Builder FloorGolf LinksCentral Delhi3BHK375 sqydSemi 120,000,000
VillaGreater KailashOkhla5BHK250 sqydSemi 120,000,000
VillaGreater KailashOkhla6BHK300 sqydSemi 170,000,000
VillaDefence ColonyCentral Delhi5BHK217 sqydSemi 120,000,000
VillaDefence ColonyCentral Delhi6BHK325 sqydSemi 210,000,000
VillaVasant ViharNear Airport6BHK400 sqydSemi 300,000,000
VillaVasant ViharNear Airport8BHK600 sqydSemi 380,000,000
VillaAnand NiketanNear Airport5BHK250 sqydSemi 190,000,000
VillaAnand NiketanNear Airport6BHK400 sqydSemi 250,000,000
VillaJor BaghCentral Delhi5BHK375 sqydSemi 500,000,000
VillaGolf LinksCentral Delhi5BHK375 sqydSemi 500,000,000